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We have re-started all our Fun Family Sessions in Norwich and Thetford. PLEASE NOTE THE NEW VENUES. In the near future, we are also hoping to add dance, FARS grades sessions and fitness classes.

Thetford Roller Skating is closing until September 2022


Thank you to all of our volunteers that have joined us over the years. we are currently still seeking help, if anyone is interested please be sure to speak to one our team.

Thetford- Assistance unloading and loading the van.  Needs to be available from 3:50 – 6pm.

Thetford- Help with fitting skates and showing new skaters our safest skating methods.

CNS-  2 adult helpers supporting sessions.

Drayton- Check-in table assistance.

Fun Family Roller Skating Sessions

Everyone welcome, from toddlers to parents. The sessions are designed for 4 to 14 year olds, however we welcome younger children as long as they can walk, and also those older than 14, including adults. We teach all those who are new to skating our safer stamping method and show parents how to help their child. There is a mix of skating with friends, playing games and teaching in small groups.

Please can you sign up as a Member (this is free of charge), as we need to renew all the registration forms filled in over the last 7 years! We will keep you informed of any changes to the sessions.

City Academy, Bluebell Road, Norwich. Saturday 14:45 to 16:15
We are open at City Academy. The session is at 14:45 until 16.15 on Saturday afternoons. Free parking, great quality floor and drinks and snacks are available to purchase for a small charge (cash only).
£5 for 1.5 hour session
£1 skate hire if required

Training for new skaters

Stake Norfolk Grades

Games, Limbo pole and fun challenges

Drinks and snacks available to purchase

Bob Carter Centre, Drayton. Monday 16:10 to 17:40
Situated close to the Norwich Ring Road at Hellesdon and to the NDR making this location great for those north of Norwich. It is often quieter than the Norwich Saturday sessions, which suits some children better.
£5 for 1.5 hour session
£1 skate hire if required

Training for new skaters

Skate Norfolk Grades

Games, Limbo pole and fun challenges

You can sign up as a member to register for any Skate Norfolk session. We will keep you informed as we finalise these plans.

These classes will teach routines to specific music set by FARS (federation of Artistic Rollerskating). This could also involve skating with a partner in duos. We will also aim to incorporate some free-skating into these sessions, which will include spins, turns and jumps.
£5 for 1 hour session
Fitness classes
These sessions are a mix of our regular skating sessions. General skating, dance and FARS but over half of the time everyone (who can) will be doing the same skating moves.
£5 for 1 hour session

Register as a Member

Skate Norfolk Membership
Please read the Terms and Waiver of Liability THEY ARE VERY IMPORTANT.  One membership can cover everyone that you take responsibility for and accept our terms, conditions and liability waiver.  
If you bring unregistered people to skate, Skate Norfolk’s insurance might not cover you or them and you could be held responsible for any damages.
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