About us

Skate Norfolk are committed to helping everyone learn to skate safely.

We try to teach everyone the safest way to get up and first learn to walk on skates.

Firstly, let's think about why people fall over on skates.  The main reason is they try to walk normally and this means their heel and rear wheels touch the floor first.  They need to be shown that skaters need to have a stamping action so all 4 wheels hit the floor at the same time.  The Skate Norfolk method does this.

So, as we show skaters and their parents how to fit skates we also show both of them the correct way to get up.  Kneel with 1 leg up, so 1 skate is on all 4 wheels.  Put 2 hands on your knee, and push up.

Lastly, balance is about standing up straight, so we get skaters to walk around with small steps on the spot.  If they do not roll forwards or backwards they are balanced.

Watch these videos for more information on learning the basics of rollerskating.

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