Thetford Academy Fri 16:10

Session currently closed until further notice

We hope to have our Thetford sessions running again by September

Thetford Academy Croxton Road, IP24 1LH

Fun Family Session Friday at 16:10

Unfortunately, we have only been able to attract a few skaters to our new venue, Thetford Academy. It was a great pleasure to get back to teaching young people to skate and improve their skills.

Last Friday we had 3 skaters, although the week before had 10. However, to pay for the hall, driving the van from Norwich plus the other expenses including insurance we need at least 20 skaters every week.

To open in September we need to recruit volunteers to help run the session, find a store for the skates in Thetford and people to help promote the sessions. If you or people you know wish to bring Roller Skating back to Thetford please let Ian Stirling or Ian Dixon (who lives in Thetford) know. or find us on

Thank you for the support we had for years a the Breckland Leisure Centre.





Please note we are at Thetford Academy.  We are now using the Canteen instead of the Sports Hall.

We teach the safest way to learn to skate and show parents the best way to help their children.  We do not charge parents who are not on skates walking around with their children.  Most weeks we also provide teaching of skills and passing of Skate Norfolk Grades either in small groups or individually.  Rebecca often attends to teach and award FARS grades up to level 4.

Usually, after the first 30 minutes, 1/3 of the hall is coned off for games, like Stuck in the Mud and fun Hockey.

Please note no outside shoes in the hall for everyone.

There is free parking in the main car park and enter by the main school entrance.

Please remind other parents we have moved venues.

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