Closed for one week only CNS Saturday 13 November 2021

We are sorry we are closed on 13 November 2021, as CNS school is using the Sports Hall for exams.  We are open again on 20 November and Jade will be demonstrating our New Improvement Grades

Each Skater can decide to do grades or not to do them, or do them one week but not the next.  They will take Skaters on a journey from Level One below to Level Nine.

Each grade is a small step but will make sure Skaters use both feet, build strength and balance.

There is not any extra charge for Skate Norfolk own tuition and grading

Please  share this message on Social Media and at the School Gate

Level 1 1.     Sit and stand up (hands pushing up off of one knee).

2.     Stepping around on the spot, keeping heels together.

3.     Moving forward basic skating, including a glide.

4.     Two foot glide and dip about 2 meters.

Level 9 1.     Three jump.

2.     Three turn.

3.     Backwards outside edges on both feet.

4.     One foot spin (one revolution).

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