Skate Norfolk

Ian on 07879 402887

Fun, Family Fitness Skating mainly 4 to 14 but all ages including toddlers & adults

Learn to skate in a friendly environment with free tuition and games

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Ipswich Road, Norwich NR2 2LJ  

Main Sports Hall  Norfolk Block

Saturday 4.00pm to 5.30pm

FREE PARKING  Use Student’s car park via Southwell entrance. Barrier will open but you might have to press bell on left.  

School Road, Norwich, NR8 6DW

Main Sport Hall

Monday 4.10pm to 5.30pm

FREE PARKING Use car park at rear, drive in next to Barclays Bank Opposite the Chemist.   


City College

Croxton Road, Thetford IP24 1JD

Main Sports Hall

Friday 4.10pm to 5.30pm

FREE PARKING Use car park at rear, not the office parking

Watton Sports and Leisure Closed for the summer


Breckland Leisure

Drayton, Norwich

Bob Carter Centre

£4 per skater

Parents watching free

£1 skate hire

We have over 200 pairs of skates at each session.

Understanding our age group and who is welcome.

Everyone is welcome from 18 month old toddlers to adults who are happy skating with children aged 4 to 14.  


Drayton closed 14 and 28 Aug only