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Learn to skate in a friendly environment with free tuition and games

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Crowd Funder

Raising £5,000 for 5 extra sessions per week

Crowd Funder

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Skate Norfolk

sessions across the county

The Not for Profit, Everything Leisure Ltd that operates Skate Norfolk is looking to raise £5,000 to allow it to open 5 more sessions.  On Thursday 14 April 2016 it launches a Crowd Funding Project at 9.00.

Ian Stirling from Skate Norfolk told us “We wish to add 5 more fun family skating sessions in towns with limited activities for children.  Most skaters at our sessions are aged between 4 and 14.  We are  looking for suitable venues across the county particularly in North Norfolk and Diss.  For North Norfolk we are considering Banningham Village Hall but would really like Cromer or Sheringham as well.  

Since 2013 Skate Norfolk, has run 3 or 4 fun family skating sessions a week.  The sessions have developed a following of younger skaters who feel safer without older teenagers skating past them at a great pace.  As a voluntary group, set up as a Not for Profit Company Limited by Guarantee, we have taught over 1,500 children to skate. Our volunteers help people learn to skate, using our tried and tested method of teaching people to walk stamping, so all wheels hit the ground together.

See a Facebook comment dated 9 April 2016 - Kirstie Tifrani “Just wanted to say a huge thank you...10 mins on your time and my daughter was off skating, with confidence and got better and better!! Thank you and see you next week for 2nd session.”

We then teach grades and organise games that teach skills and builds confidence. Without such helpful volunteers we could not spend the time we do with those that need that extra help to master skating.

See a Facebook comment dated 27 February 2016 - Cathy Stocker reviewed Skate Norfolk — 5 star  

“I came along today with both my children & they had a fantastic time. What a great way for children to have fun & learn to skate. Everyone was helpful & friendly, thank you. My two can't wait to come along again.”

Skate Norfolk is ready to expand to assist many more children become fitter, build their confidence and have fun with their family and friends.  

See a Facebook comment dated 2 April 2016 - Ella Ladd reviewed Skate Norfolk — 5 star

“My daughter has just come home beaming, full of enthusiasm & confidence, she had so much fun this afternoon. Her dad took her and was really impressed with how much she improved and picked up in just one session. Thank you very much, we'll definitely be back!”

We own a van, nearly 200 pairs of skates, PA system and other equipment.  The ongoing cost of liability insurance, van insurance, storage, training volunteers and skate repair/replacements can all be covered by our existing sessions.  

By the end of March 2016 we had paid off all of the start-up loans and paid for all our equipment including the van.  

Running extra sessions in places like Acle, Sheringham, Diss, Attleborough, Fakenham and Reepham would cover the extra costs after a few weeks and make profit over next winter.

We need the funding to offer more sessions.  We would also like to develop internationally recognised training for skaters wishing to become members of FARS (Federation of Artist Roller Skating) so they can compete in competitions.  

We are asking you for help to raise £1,000 for every new venue in order to cover the cost of launching the sessions and employing a part-time session organiser who would also take the equipment from Norwich to the session.

If we could raise £5,000 we could add 5 sessions or more.

Even if we could only raise £2,000 it would allow us to add 2 more sessions.

We make money in the winter but at present only enough profit to cover the losses during the summer.  FUN FAMILY ROLLER SKATING in Norwich, Thetford, Drayton and Watton.

When we make a profit, Norfolk Foundation will manage a Charity for us that will distribute the profits.

Pledge £10 for the Thank You Award

Join us in providing fun family fitness and we will send you a voucher for up to 4 skating together at any one standard session.  Each voucher can only be used once. Vouchers are valid for use before 30 September 2016.  

Pledge £25 for the Thank You Pass

To say 'Thank you' for supporting us we will send your voucher for 10 skating sessions at any of our standard venues.  Each voucher allows access for 1 skater.  It could be used by the same skater for 10 times and for a number of skaters coming together for a total of 10 sessions. Vouchers are valid for use before 30 September 2016.  

Pledge £50 and become a Gold Supporter

Thank you for becoming a Gold supporter  and in return we will send you a voucher that allows 1 named skater attend any of our sessions from 27 June 2016 to 14 September at any of our venues, except ‘Elite courses’.    Please note some sessions close for maintenance, Bank Holidays and due to low demand, but we intend to run 3 or 5 sessions a week, including at new venues.  Each voucher allows access for 1 skater and cannot be transferred.  

Pledge £100 for a Party Pass

As a huge Thank You we will give a voucher for up 25 children under 15 to skate at any session and we include skate hire. Where practical we will allow them to enter as a group 10 minutes before the normal opening time.   Skate hire is subject to availability but we carry over 150 pairs of skates.   Vouchers are valid for use before 30 November 2016.  No cash value, photo copies not accepted. Lost vouchers cannot be replaced.  You cannot serve food or drink at the session.  All skaters must register and accept our terms that are required for our protection and insurance purposes. Details are available at

Thank you Rewards for pledging support for

Skate Norfolk

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These terms apply to the 3 above Rewards

No cash value, skate hire if required £1, photo copies not accepted. Lost vouchers cannot be replaced. All skaters must register and accept our terms that are required for our protection and insurance purposes. Details are available at