About us

Skate Norfolk has been teaching 1,000s of children to skate for more than 6 years.  Our Fun, Family Fitness Skating is mainly 4 to 14 but all ages including toddlers & parents.

Learn to skate in a friendly environment with free tuition and games

A little about us

Skate Norfolk is a Not for Profit group, formed to help children develop skills and fitness. 

When we make a profit this will be handed to a charity of the same name and used to provide free places, run sessions for children with learning difficulties or disabilities, or even assist with transport from rural villages.  


Without the help of all the volunteers we could have never kept the price stable at £4, in fact without out their support there would not be Skate Norfolk


We appreciate every volunteer, but without the help of Jemma, her mum Alison and younger sister Esther, we are not sure what we would have done.  A very special ‘Thank You’ from Ian.

Can you help our some weeks?

Volunteers spend a few hours some weeks. If you are not a skater you can help children fit skates, take the money on the door or help with games. Help with Facebook and adding people to our database and much more.  By having a small team we can share the tasks. 

Wanted teenagers who can help the younger ones to learn to skate, we will teach you.

Over 21s who can drive the van to some of the sessions to cover holiday and sickness.  

Could you help with admin or marketing?  

Toddlers often can learn very quickly once they have been walking for 2 or 3 months.  So children under 4 are welcome.  If they only skate for 30 minutes a session see Ian for a special deal.  

Unsure if skating is right for you and your children?

Come and try for 30 minutes, if it is not for you or your child return our skates we will refund your entrance fee and skate hire. You do have to register and agree to our terms  required for our insurance

Skate Norfolk is run by the Not for Profit company Everything Leisure Ltd.

When attending a Skate Norfolk session for the first time you need to sign a Skate Norfolk Registration Form, Agreement, Waiver and Code of Conduct.

In 2019 we have 3 targets:

1   To try to organise FARS (Federation of Artistic Roller Skating) session with National Approved Coaches.  We would then teach skating dance.

2 – To see if we can recruit volunteers organisers with a driver to run more sessions.

It seems a shame that the equipment, van, insurance etc. are only used 3 times a week and even less over the holiday periods.  Finding the right person or people is far from easy, but we keep trying.

3 – To recruit a temporary organiser

We also need someone to occasionally cover my role, it could be a separate driver with someone else to run the session, or one person doing both roles.

We have been asked to provide 3 different sessions, we are looking at both

Artistic and Dance Skating 

We are starting to design these lessons and are very interested in speaking to coaches and others with the skills to teach.  To join people will have attended our Fun Family Sessions and passed our grades.  We will not offer skate hire or play games, as these will be 1-hour dance classes.  

Adult keep fit skating

We are looking for a suitable venue early evening for 2 hours.  It needs to be a reasonable size hall, ideally on the south side of Norwich as the interest has come from the UEA and hospital.  

Home Educated Children Completed We ran this for 2 terms in 2018, but the number of skaters was not consistently high enough to be able to continue these sessions.

Can older children and adults skate?

Yes everyone is welcome if they accept that most skaters will be younger.  We have people who come to 1 or 2 sessions to learn the basics.  We suggest adults purchase wrist guards.